Red-Winged Spring

The seeds we sow each spring
for new life
new beginnings
new hope.
They breathe fresh life into us
as the cool breeze turns warm
and the pre-dawn birds chirp their calls
and sing their songs.


The sun rises bright on these spring mornings
Making the earth shine,
its coat of water from rain, dew, and snow melt
compliment the peaking green’s growth
the fat worms in the squishy mud
and the squirrels that emerge from their seasonal sleep.

As the red-winged black bird soars through my mind
I realize that these seeds are not new
But a continuation of the past,
a reminder of what came before.
With of the joy and splendor
and all of the pain and sadness,
these memories I’ve planted sprout in the rain soaked earth
and leave me no choice but to nurture them.


They glow like the morning sun
like the water drops that cling to the tall dried grass.
The blue sky opens the heart and teaches it to heal
while the red-winged black birds, darting from place to place,
serve as reminder
that life is filled with fleeting moments.
New beginnings from old lessons,
each mysterious and hopeful.


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